The diet should be sufficiently balanced
Patients with arterial hypertension are recommended a healthy, balanced diet. In the modern understanding, this implies not rigid restrictions, but a lifestyle aimed at choosing healthy foods.

With arterial hypertension, it is desirable to consume fruits and vegetables every day. Priority should be given to seasonal products: they contain an almost complete set of essential vitamins and trace elements.

It is better to dress dishes with olive oil.
Meat should prefer fatty fish. It has a lot of omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids that favorably affect the cardiovascular system.

Do not forget about products high in potassium: potatoes, bananas, raisins, prunes. To maintain the health of the cardiovascular system needs magnesium, there is a lot of it in nuts and fresh herbs (peanuts are not a nut, but legumes!).

Dairy products are better to choose non-fat, bread – whole-grain, pasta should be preferred to cereals.
It is not recommended pastries, white bread and white flour products, red meat, smoked meats, fast food.